Advantages for partners
Make good profit with minimum effort
Being a member of Partner program, you are able to resell licenses at any cost but not less than the set minimum retail price.
For those who want to focus on reselling we offer discounts depending on the number of CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor licenses you purchase.
The reseller must have a website (or at least a separate page of their existing website) dedicated to CS-Cart software. We provide the following promotional materials:

  • CS-Cart "Authorized Reseller" banner;
  • images of CS-Cart editions;
  • free licenses for demo purposes.
The reseller must place the "Authorized reseller" banner with a link to on their website.
To maintain the Reseller status, it is required to order CS-Cart licenses (of any edition) to the total amount of not less than $1,000 a year. This term is applied from the second year of the reseller's activity.
We can forbid the distribution of the CS-Cart licenses on a website which has "cs-cart" or "cscart" in the domain name. Please contact us in advance before the registration of such a domain.
Note: the wholesale pricing is applied only to bulk sales. For example, to purchase Multi-Vendor licenses for $680 each, at least 5 licenses must be ordered at a time. Please contact us for complete pricing information.
How to enroll
Submit the application
Pay the entrance fee (licenses for future reselling)

To begin with, it is necessary to submit a request for the distributor status. The application is considered and in case it is accepted, the applicant pays the entrance fee.

The entrance fee is $2,250. It includes the purchase of a certain number of licenses at a reduced price for future reselling.
The entrance fee may include licenses of different CS-Cart products but it must not be less than $2,250.
The entrance fee must be paid even if an applicant has more than one CS-Cart license registered in their Help Desk account. The existing licenses are not included into the entrance fee.
If you have any questions about our Partner program please feel free to contact us.