Reseller Program
The number of CS-Cart partners has surpassed 1,000 worldwide, and so, thanks to our joint efforts, the company's working capital has dramatically increased.

So that it's both easy and profitable for you to work with CS-Cart, we've developed a transparent and effective reseller program.

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Who Can Become a CS-Cart Partner?
CS-Cart is feature-rich, flexible, and easy to use, which means that companies of any size can establish a partnership with us—from freelancers to big web-design companies.
A self-employed entrepreneur
If you have experience in sales and business consultancy and you're looking for a high-margin product to resell, take a look at the CS-Cart software.
A freelance developer
If you code, understand how the software market works, and are thinking about creating your own company (small for now but with future growth), take a look at our shopping-cart software, your ticket to the huge worldwide software market.
A web agency or digital studio
The experiences of our most successful partners all over the world have confirmed that CS-Cart is a reliable platform on which you can build both simple and truly complex projects. Clean source code, detailed documentation, video tutorials for developers, continuous technical and marketing support, cooperation at all the levels—that's what you get. Our partners look ahead with confidence.
A strategic partner
These are our brand ambassadors, those committed to CS-Cart, who focus only on CS-Cart products and play for high stakes. They not only develop and maintain CS-Cart-based online stores but also participate in expos and other events worldwide, professionally promoting CS-Cart and mastering new markets.
Unique product
Embarking on the program helps distribute a turnkey shopping-cart solution with rich and flexible functionality.
Well-known platform worldwide
Since CS-Cart shopping cart has already gained the confidence of countless customers throughout the world, distributors resell well-known and well-promoted software that is always in great demand.
Favorable discounts
Resellers are offered generous discounts, of about 50% depending on the number of licenses they purchase.
Great demand for developing and maintaining online stores and marketplaces
Since CS-Cart shopping cart has already gained the confidence of countless customers throughout the world, distributors resell well-known and well-promoted software that is always in great demand.
Free license to run a demo store
Resellers are provided with one free license of each CS-Cart product to run a demo store or build a site where they distribute the software.
Customer traffic from our website
Every day, hundreds of customers worldwide visit cs-cart.com, and partners get a portion of them.
Extra channels to grow business
We involve all the channels to grow our partners' businesses: the substantial resources of our website and the CS-Cart marketplace, informing our customers and other partners about your services, proven recommendations on business workflow, and effective ideas proven to help to sell.
Special technical support
We offer our partners prioritized technical support.
Preferential marketing
We offer our partners preferential marketing on our website and marketplace.
Dedicated partner manager
You'll get your own personal manager who will provide you with no-delay consultations on how to grow your business.
Our Partners` Success Stories
Fotis Kourmadas
the founder of Dvs eCommerce Experts
As I entered the eCommerce world almost 11 years ago, there was immediately a need for CMS software amongst my clients. One was CS-Cart—then in its early version, 1.3.4—which I instantly loved for its diversity, its rich choice of built-in add-ons, as well as the ease of use for my clients and easy code editing for me.

In CS-Cart, regional customization is very easy, now one of the most automatic tasks for us when we set up a new store. All you need is to set up states per country and then you can set up tax and shipping per region. Language is also one of the biggest advantages as CS-Cart has 35+ languages ready to be used with just one click.

One of the most important things you can get from the CS-Cart Reseller Program is reputation. People look for companies that are suggested by CS-Cart itself.
Robert Diak
the founder of SoftSolid
Our company was created in 2006. Initially, we created software to manage e-stores. Cooperation with CS-Cart started in 2011 and since this time, we have become the official resellers in Poland. When one of our customers decided to change his store software to CS-Cart, that's how our office was created. The program looked really good so we decided to analyze it more closely. Now, we are the leading reseller of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor in Poland. Our team is a group of high-class specialists, people with wide horizons that can solve complex problems. During work, we play great music to accompany us and the shelves in our office are full of books. We know that reliable knowledge, competence, and professionalism are the highest values.

Cooperation with CS-Cart definitely increased the number of clients served by us. In the last year, the number of clients increased by 80. We are proud that we sell great software and we can represent CS-Cart at trade fairs and events.

We think that CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor are the best solutions in the e-commerce programs market. That's why we sell them, create add-ons, and give technical support for this software.
Mithilesh Jindal
a 3rd Generation Entrepreneur, the founder of Salasar Ecommerce
I was planning to start a business in the IT world, specifically in the eCommerce domain, in 2014 and was definitely looking for a product I could start selling and provide services for. So I looked at several eCommerce products, like Magento, Open cart, CS-Cart, and so many others. After comparing and getting feedback on each product, I selected CS-Cart for some specific reasons:

1. It's easy to install, easy to setup, easy to scale, and, crucially, it is properly planned with correct menus in the correct places. So a new user can easily understand the admin panel.

2. From a development point of view, it is coded with simple points in mind, so a freshman developer can also start to code in it

3. The overall cost of running and development are low compared with other eCommerce software

4. From a security point of view, the CS-Cart team is very active in this.

So, we started our cooperation with CS-Cart in 2014 in the Indian region; we were the 1st reseller. I can say that I never looked for any other product since then, and the team went from 1 to 18 persons, all dedicated to supporting CS-Cart clients. Our team has focused exclusively on CS-Cart from day one.

Now we are the leading reseller in India, not in terms of clients but in terms of the record of completing 51 out of 51 projects successfully from 2014 to 2017. That's right: every single one of our projects has been successful.

I personally very much appreciate the support of the CS-Cart team and their great efforts in developing such good marketplace software.
Vladimer Kandelaki
the founder of cscart.ge
Since the creation of our company in 2011, our main goal has been to participate in the development of e-commerce in Georgia. We became official partners of leading banks (TBC and CARTU) in Georgia and we consult and support their merchants in the VISA/MASTERCARD payment-system integration process. During this period, we gained massive experience with various top e-commerce platforms, like CS-Cart, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Woocommerce, etc. Then the idea arose that we could offer our clients a full service for creating an effective online store, but which platform to choose was the next question.

We made inquiries into the readymade online shopping platforms then available on the market and stopped inquiries with our choice of CS-Cart, which clearly had many advantages compared to the others, both in functionality and in responsiveness of the product. This was the reason why we became the official resellers in Georgia in 2014.

We believe that CS-Cart is the best solution for building an e-commerce website of any size: from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall. We are proud of our Customer Success Stories.
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